“My restaurant of the week is….Bubba’s Roadhouse and Saloon….Bubba’s is located on Pine Island Road in the Northwest Cape.

While I would not refer to Bubba’s as fine dining, the dining certainly was fine! The atmosphere at Bubba’s is very ummm….. relaxed. Vibrating lobsters and peanut shells are some of the items you can find adorning the bar top and floor. We sat at the bar, enjoying the service and banter of two of Bubba’s finest bartenders, Kelly and Kimberly, who shall remain nameless, so as to protect their identity.

We started with a nice fresh salad served in large stainless steel bowls. The salads are huge! For dinner I had a N.Y. strip steak grilled to perfection, accompanied by sautéed onions, white rice and black beans, while my companion, had the prime rib special with a baked potato large enough to launch through someone’s windshield. We both took home a sizable doggy bag. Bubba’s is the ONLY steakhouse on Pine Island Roadworth stopping at!! I won’t even mention those other lame-ass chain joints in the vicinity of the only real-deal in this section of the Cape. Puleeeze… While Bubba’s menu consists primarily of steaks, chicken and ribs, there is a nice seafood selection to choose from as well. I cannot comment on the dessert menu, as I started drinking Grand Marnier, herein referred to as Grandma, immediately following dinner. I might have had dessert, I just don’t remember! I’m sure it was good. Hell, after 4 Grandmas and 4 beers, you wouldn’t remember dessert either! HOOWOO!!

But seriously, if you’re ready for a laid back, good ol’ boy kinda chowin’ down dining experience, swing by Bubba’s. Excellent food, excellent service! I give Bubba’s 4.75 out of 5 Rolaids. The only reason they didn’t get a perfect score is because I used to date one of the nameless bartenders, and she DUMPED ME!!!!!!! Can you imagine??? ME!!! I mean, was she insane?? Out of her mind!!!?? What is not sexy about a bald-headed, beer-bellied mini-van drivin’ kinda guy?? Well, she can explain to Jay Johnson, the owner of this FINE establishment, why she cost him 25% of a Rolaid. Well nameless bartender, are you happy now???! Hehehehe…. This is too much damned fun. Thanks for an awesome place, Jay!!!”
Tequila Tom’s Review
TequilaGram Volume 1, Issue 3
Tequila Tom’s Restaurant of the Week

“I can’t think of anything bad to say about this place. Seated immediately with real peanuts to snack on. Our server, Melinda, was at our table at once taking our drink orders. Gave us good recommendations to try. Made sure that we everything was good and keep our drinks full at all times. Will for sure be going back next time we are back visiting friends.”
Elizabeth Z.

“This place came highly recommended and we were not disappointed with the grilled chicken sandwiches. The sweet potato with the honey butter was excellent. More food than we could eat!”
Lana S.

“Love Bubba’s Steaks. Always plenty and have to take some home. I will tell all my AMVETS Post 81 friends about your kindness and consideration.”
Neil F.

“We went to Bubbas because we had a coupon. Will visit again! Lori was our server. She was great!! She made a mistake with my order, but corrected it quickly! and it was delicious. Husband had his usual cheeseburger, I had the 1/2 chicken and my sister had steak salad… so what there are peanut shells on the floor.. gives the place extra character! The portions are large! the place was packed for a Wednesday afternoon. Will be back next vacation.”
Lori M.

“Every time I am in Cape Coral, FL Bubba’s is a must! Wonderful atmosphere, awesome food and great drink specials. I just love this place and will stop by every time I am in the area. The staff is outstanding!”
Kelly G.

“Bubba’s is the best. Have not had one thing that I didn’t like. Steaks, Fish, Fried Shrimp and Hamburgers are to die for. Love their Ranch Dressing. Best salad in SW FL 🙂
I must admit it is a whole in the wall. You can even buy the steaks and take them home and cook them on the grill. We frequent Bubba’s at least once a week!”
Charles T.

“We were concerned about previous reviews but were very pleasantly surprised. It is a spit and sawdust place, nut shells on the floor (which the kids loved). Food choice good, and came out in good time hot and tasty. We had huge 25oz Cowboy Steaks which were amazing and cooked exactly as we had asked. Loaded baked potato was huge and tasty. Service a little gruff at the bar, but really friendly at the table. Good meal.”
Jamie Robbin

“Decided to ride our motorcycles and found this great little place for dinner and great music. It was so busy we sat and ate in the bar, what a treat they had a great guitar player playing all the songs we remember from our high school days. Our steaks and chicken were some of the best we have had in a while..will definitely be back.”

“Several friends have recommended this restaurant so we went with local friends last week for lunch and it was great. A real old fashioned roadhouse. The food, service and atmosphere was so good we went back again this week and brought other visiting friends for lunch. The burgers are very good and the BBQ was just how we liked it.”
Elayne L.

“We enjoy Bubba’s. The relaxed and laid back atmosphere and the peanuts on the floor were fun. I made a nice pile on the table and the husband laughed at me. Seemed wrong to put trash on the floor but that is part of the fun. The endless salad at the table was my favorite! The staff made the salad right there and when it was empty, they came and made more. The food is good and the husband loves all the different meat options. We like going at off hours as it is not as busy.”
Anna C.

“I live about five miles from Bubba’s. Ever since I moved to Cape Coral it has been a family favorite. The all you can eat fish on Fridays is affordable and delicious. Everything on the menu is very good. The steaks are always cooked to your liking and Friday’s two for one rack of ribs is a great deal. Their sweet potatoes are huge and the salad that comes with the meals is bottomless and always good. There are a few main course salads on the menu and my family has tried them all and the chicken fried chicken salad is a favorite but they are all good. The lunch specials are great because you get about the same amount if food much cheaper. I recommend you come early because there is usually a wait that can be long. The service is always friendly. One of my family’s favorite restaurants.”
David C.

“Had a wonderful time with my extended family visiting a restaurant that we have wanted to experience for some time now. To say we were not disappointed is an understatement, great flavoursome food seafood and steaks which were terrific. Staff very helpful and could not do enough for us. We are frequent visitors to Cape Coral and Bubbas will always be number 1 on our ‘must dos’. Portions huge, beer cold and welcome warm/genuine. You have to try a visit – you will not be disappointed.”

“Just wanted to say a special thank you to you for the wonderful meal and service that you provided for our 50th anniversary party on April 8th! Everyone raved about the food!! Any the service could not have been any better!! We will highly recommend you to anyone!!”
Kathy S.